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Sweet Corn Flavor

Sweet corn flavor Uses in biscuit and meat products2012-08-04
Guangzhou Longerfood Trade company
  • Quality Sweet Corn Flavor for sale
  • Guangdong
Corn Flavor Fresh groundnuts seasoned with Corn spice. It?s a nice treat for Corn Lovers. Ingredients : Peanuts, Wheat Flour, Starch, Salt, Sugar, Palm Olein, Leavening Agent, Corn ...2011-07-12
PT. Manohara Asri CO.,LTD
  • Quality Corn Flavor for sale
Pop-corn Flavor The flavor of pop-corn can be smelt hot at first, and lasts all the time, while the scent of corn is saturating, making a nice combination of fragrance.2011-01-05
Delbo (Guangzhou) Ltd. - about us
  • Quality Pop-corn Flavor for sale
Sweet corn flavor. uses in instant noodles falvor-adding products puffed products meat products baked food and so on.2013-02-27
Guangzhou Longerfood Co., Ltd
  • Quality Sweet Corn Flavor for sale
  • Guangdong
Youcan steamed bread, neatly cut, in uniform color and giving off strong aroma, is highly favored by consumers. It is a representation of coarse food grain, elaborate handicraft, ...2011-06-14
Youcan Foods Group Co., Ltd.
  • Quality Steamed bread  Corn flavor for sale
  • Zhejiang
sesame flavor: A roasted sesame-like odor with milk notes(w); peanut meat flavor: Roasted aromas like parched peanut meat(W/O); green bean flavor: Cool aromas like glutinous green ...2010-12-08
Shihao Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd.
  • Quality Corn Flavoring for sale
  • Shanghai
Dual-purpose water soluble flavor; Used in a variety of beverages, biscuits, snack foods industry;2011-06-17
Guangzhou flavors food Co., LTD
  • Quality Corn flavor for sale
Reference: SYQd Product Name: Happy Ring Snack2010-12-30
Harbin Snoopy Foods Co., Ltd
  • Quality Happy Ring Snack(Sticky Corn Flavor) for sale
Uses in biscuit and meat products.2010-12-07
Guangzhou Longerfood Trade CO.,LTD
  • Quality Sweet Corn Flavor for sale
  • Guangdong
TUBO Bag of 15 kg CHARACTERISTICS: Expansion: 9-11 veces Density30-40 g/l Humidity: 11-12 % ZOOLOGICO Bag of 20 kg. CHARACTERISTICS: Expansion: 14-16 veces Density30-40 g/l ...2011-09-27
Representaciones Salas Co.,ltd
  • Quality Corn Flavor Snack Pellets for sale
Print Page Fresh sweet aromas like popped co2008-08-17
ShangHai ShiHao Flavor & Fragrance Co.,Ltd.
  • Quality corn flavoring for sale
Kurkure food processing line, Cheetos food machines, Niknak food machinery 1. Description: Kurkrue/Cheetos food processing line. Kurkrue/Cheetos are special extruded snacks, very ...2014-10-22
Jinan Leader Machinery Co.,Ltd.
  • Quality Kurkure Cheetos Corn Curls Making Machine/kurkure food machine/corn chips making machine for sale
  • Shandong
Corn chips processing line,Doritos/tortilla snacks food making machine 1 Double Screw Extruder 2 raw material: corn powder 3capacity: 120-150kg/h, 200-250kg/h 4 types of products: ...2014-10-21
Jinan Leader Machinery Co.,Ltd.
  • Quality Corn chips processing line,Doritos/tortilla snacks food making machinery Supplier for sale
  • Shandong
Tapioca Starch, Cassava Starch, Native TapiocaStarch Provide fat-like mouthfeel Improve mouth-coating Excellent resistance to acid, heat and shear Modified tapioca starch for ice ...2014-10-31
NOACH Group Limited
  • Quality Tapioca Starch, Cassava Starch, Native Tapioca Starch,corn starch,potato starch for sale
  • Shandong
New style Corn Flakes Breakfast Cereals Machine Food make Core Filling/Inflating Snacks Process Line 1. Flour Mixer 2 . Screw Conveyor 3 .Double Screw Extruder 4. Core Filler 5 ...2014-10-13
Jinan Leader Machinery Co.,Ltd
  • Quality Corn Flakes Breakfast Cereals Machine made in China for sale for sale
  • Shandong
H500 Corn Grinder,Grain Grinder,Cereal Mill 500 corn grinder with high hopper Grinding corn,multi grain for better health breads and flavor enhancing recipes. Special grind-corn ...2014-10-31
Yangzhou Hurricane Lantern Co Ltd
  • Quality Corn Grinder,Grain Grinder ( H500 ) for sale
  • Jiangsu
(Best sale)seasoning machine/seasoning cubes machine/potato chips flavoring machine: 1.It can be applied to flavor all kinds of foods such as potato chips,rice snack,corn flakes...2014-10-12
JInan Eagle Food Machinery Co.,LTD
  • Quality (Best sale ) seasonin machine /seasoning cubes machine/potato chips flavoring machine for sale
  • Shandong
corn snack machine 1.Product Description Snacks extruder adopts corn, rice, wheat, oat, barley etc as ingredients to make puffs snack. Through friction of screw and barrel, the ...2014-10-30
  • Quality extrusion snacks machine,corn snacks machine for sale
  • Shandong
Wuhan Yuancheng Gongchuang Technology Co.
  • Quality Natural Food Additives Candy Chocolate Flavor Dextrins Beta Cyclodextrin(B-CD) for sale
  • Hubei
» Home » Grain Flavor Grain Flavor Introduction of Grain Flavor: - Grain generally includes rice, maize, sesame, bean, potato, taro, wheat, etc. - The raw grain only has a faint ...2010-07-06
Shanghai Shihao Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd.
  • Quality Grain Flavor for sale
  • Shanghai

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